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The level of Smokers

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I contact with many smokers for a long time, knowing that smokers who have the temperament, each one have their own smoking taste. some people love soft pack, but some people love hard pack. Some people love pumping with spices... No matter what kind of packs, all need you to spend money to buy cigarettes. The high price of natural smoke marlboro cigarettes grade, taste, as long as you have a light cigarette case, you can see what level of smoking people. So a box cigarettes online of cigarettes to smoke is divided into three grade. Smoking, in addition to the Marlboro brand of cigarette smoke and equipped with a fine tip (or pipe), cigarette holder (or pipe), which are made of woodcarving, jade, agate, a copper... Different shapes, different materials, the value is also different. When people or rich people smoking is certainly not cheap, staggering! Stalin, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Mark Twain and other celebrities in the world with the pipe is the most enviable first-class smoking the that many people imitate their postures, this also is regarded as a status symbol. When they smoke Marlboro cigarettes, only 1/3 before throwing, they said that smoking does not harm to the body, but cigars-home.com also show their noble worth. Moderate smokers, cigarette price of course is moderate, deserve smoking set, but also vary, smoke how have pumped more than two thirds just throw away, so dignified, regarded as is serious smoking. Smoking is the price to buy the cheapest cigarette, generally with not smoking, smoking is pumped to the fast firing to lips before reluctantly threw, therefore, forefinger and middle finger was black like hot hair of the pig. What is more, the last cigarette butts stubbed out, put the remaining a little tobacco in a tobacco pouch, the preparation did not smoke when then scroll pump. Heavy smokers, ranging from a cigarette smoked, pick up a smoke, drink thick tea, mouth like a chimney, don��t stop to smoke, dry mouth, drink a mouthful of tea, that posture, really is happy. However, now most of the cigarette with filter tip, will not burn the lips again. If they cannot afford much good cigarettes like Marlboro, they can go to store to by
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