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Lineage 2 Classic Coming To Europe

05:48, Sunday 5 February 2017 .. 0 comments .. Link
Lineage2 Classic EU Gold Lineage 2 fans who miss the charm of old chronicles start journey in a legendary MMORPG. The classic version of the famous MMORPG Lineage 2 that was successfully launched in Korea and Russia is now coming to Europe this autumn. The game will be available via 4game platform.
Access to European version of Lineage 2 Classic will be subscription-based. One month subscription fee will be 10 Euro. There are two types of preorder packages available at the preorder page providing one or three months of subscription early access and a variety of other bonuses.
One of the main features of this version of Lineage 2 is hardcore MMO experience that old chronicles of Lineage 2 are well known for:
5 races and 31 classes with fundamentally different abilities
Every player can choose a character with the preferable set of abilities and build up a group that fits his particular playing style
Hard leveling with chance of losing progress and equipment
If your character dies you may lose experience gained during last hours of hunting and have a chance of losing a piece of your equipment.
Classical trading system
Unique and powerful items can be crafted only by Dwarf Warsmithes. To obtain crafted gear you will have to invest efforts and time in order to collect resources for crafting.
Exciting clan wars
Boosting your performance and proving yourself in highly competitive PvP environment is one of the most rewarding experiences Lineage 2 can offer. Ambitious players may find themselves as clan leaders who drive political situation in their world or as relentless warriors who claim lands and wealth by the sword.
Visit Lineage 2 Classic 4game Europe for more information.
In a great piece of news for those of us who love the old Lineage II and how it used to be Innova has opened a petition to see if there is enough demand for a Classic server to make it happen. The current goal is 15,000 signatures and it is set to end on the 21st of this month and it looks like it’s going well. The differences between the current servers and the Classic one are massive with the Classic one returning to the roots of L2’s hardcore gameplay (both in progression and risky play). With this there are some things to know before getting involved (if you aren’t already familiar with how Lineage II used to be).
Note: in full disclosure I fully support L2 Classic and absolutely love how it used to be. That said a lot of players aren’t really aware of its past and what we can look forward to.
Some players like it and some don’t. There is a complete lack of questing for leveling up. Instead you rely on a constant grind of mobs. And by constant let’s put it into perspective. In C1 there was a group of us in the Tower of Insolence (the high-level area from the old days) helping someone level from 74 to 75. In 18 straight hours of grinding (breaks were taken but not as a group -- just individuals) he gained a whopping 1% experience. Not 10%. 1%! And it’s said that L2 Classic will be 1/6 of this experience Lineage2 Classic EU Adena so you do the math.
This is something you’re sure to say at least once! Whether you die to a mob or have karma (a penalty for killing another player) you risk dropping items. I’m not sure if they are carrying over the old rule (it was in Prelude but phased out in Chronicle 1) where you can also die if another person PKs you but if so imagine working to get that top-grade weapon only to lose it because you died. It happens… a lot.
Of course it did! There’s no A S S76 etc. grade anymore so you’re stuck with (if you’re lucky enough to craft or get it off drops) B-grade or below. In other words the mobs and NPCs hurt. A lot. No more 5-person sieges or having one person take on all the guards on their own. Just isn’t happening.

'Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: How to Earn 1 Million Gil in the Game

08:37, Friday 6 January 2017 .. 0 comments .. Link
Final Fantasy XV Gi As players go through each chapter in "Final Fantasy XV" it gets harder and harder to earn money. This means that players either have to work hard to earn money or buy cheaper items to save money. Good thing players of the game have discovered a way how to earn 1 million Gil quickly in the game. The money earned will be very useful especially when players head to the dungeon quests where they will need a lot of supplies before they go inside.
To make big money in "Final Fantasy XV" players just need to find the mini-game hidden in Altissia. In this mini-quest Noctis and his team will be able to place a wager on the monsters as they battle till death. If the player wins they receive medals that can be used to claim different rewards. One of the valuable rewards players can redeem is the Great Garula Tusk that costs 2,500 Gil. If players sell it it will be for 700 Gil to the vendor just outside of the arena. And this will be the method where players can earn 1 Million Gil in the game.
Now this method will take a while but certainly not more than a day. With the right kind of strategy players can earn as much as 1,000,000 medals in less than 2 hours which can turn into Gil by buying and selling the Tusk is 280,000 Gil. That means in 6 to 7 hours players can earn the 1 Million Gil.
Final Fantasy XV fans are hoping to experience the amusement park from Final Fantasy VII. Players believe that this will be included in the upcoming first DLC pack of the game. If this is true then players can relive the famous old location of the other installment.
Players should be aware that besides the DLC pack that will be released next week by Square Enix there is a possibility that Golden Saucer will make its comeback. The amusement park is from Final Fantasy VII. Before the players can participate in Chocobo races there and can win Golden Chocobo.
The Golden Saucer in Final Fantasy VII is located in the ruins of Old Corel. It is a famous attraction. The players need to use gold points instead of Gil as their currency whenever they participated in the games.
Players are wishing to visit the Golden Saucer in Final Fantasy XV. The gamers are asking Square Enix for the return of the beloved park because it is one of the coolest locations in Final Fantasy VII. But there is a big chance that the developer might bring it back on the remake of the latter.
What Are Included In The First DLC Of Final Fantasy XV?
The players of Final Fantasy XV is waiting for Dec. 22 because Square Enix will be finally releasing the holiday pack of the game. According to GameSpot the pack is for free and will bring new features such as the protection ring and the key of fortune to the game.
The players using Xbox One and PS4 can download the holiday pack and those who have a season pass can download the holiday pack+ as per Siliconera. The most awaited part of the pack is the New Game Plus mode that essential to any RPG.
Final Fantasy XV fans should watch out for the holiday DLC pack when it is finally released by Square Enix. Hopefully the fans will enjoy the game even more because there are new items and features that can upgrade the gameplay.

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