How to take care of the parts of pulverized coal dryer

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Selection & design of the rotary drum dryer parts are very tight, so the maintenance should strictly follow the instructions of the dryer and the technical staff recommended to make a reasonable scientific conservation, so as to let the dryer work more efficiently,and also extend the life of the dryer. Cyclic loading is pulverized coal dryer equipment mechanical transmission forms a typical load, should maintain a certain relationship between the natural frequency of such changes in the load frequency and fly ash dryer shaft system, when they are the same, it will cause the amplitude of the surge shaft, forming destructive resonance. Measures want to solve this problem, there are two, Shanghai ZENITH explain for everyone. 1, changes in fly ash dryer load change frequency strings, for torsional vibration is to change the spindle speed, but the speed of the main parameters of the mechanical properties, one of the periodic variation of fly ash dryer load effect, it the change is bound to affect the performance of pulverized coal machine and dryer use. 2, changing the natural frequency of the drive bearing system, mainly to change the shaft rotational inertia pots and stiffness. Wherein the moment of inertia of the mechanical structure of practice and other relevant, limited magnitude of the changes, the steel of the shaft 4 there is room for a larger increase or decrease. Elastic coupling is to change the stiffness of the shaft system, to avoid the resonance purposes. Shanghai ZENITH Machine Co., Ltd., machinery and equipment in the production process is very detail-oriented devices, for each component requires strict compliance with national production standards, as long as customers follow the correct guidance for use of equipment and technical personnel, bake the life of the dryer will be longer than similar products.

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How to take care of the parts of pulverized coal dryer
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