How to control Marlboro cigarette

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How to control Marlboro cigarette Guan Chunfang: a few days ago there was a man standing up in the Beijing Railway Station square, will steal the smoke. Some people are frightened, it is a very strange phenomenon.Professor Zang: the right way, means it's not quit smoking, no effect, except news sensationalism no other role. Before the Namchi North strange, special to do this job. I can't get in this way. I put forward the government and enterprises to promote the leadership of units to quit Marlboro cigarette, why not do it? Because of the lack of the concept. Business leaders who smoke tube? Now to create this idea, by the leadership to stop smoking. Some national enterprises is to pay employees quit smoking, because employee medical insurance by enterprises pay, you smoke caused harm to the body after treatment costs are too high, if I give you spend a thousand dollars let you stop smoking, your body good, the company's image or. Some medical institutions license to be included online cigarettes in the cost of reimbursement for smoking cessation. I talk about smoking cessation institutions, at present each play different signs for different activities, research units engaged in research. Now do not need to study the problem of smoking is harmful, the most important problem to have a shortcut. I proposed to create a smoke-free home and smokeless hospital. Chinese to persuade the smokers not to smoke only two places, a family, a hospital, colleagues well advised. According to the statistics of 1986, marlboro redsmokers to quit Marlboro red regular is mainly because the doctor said to draw die, also percent of teens is by family members to persuade don't smoke. I mentioned here first of all family members are not smoking, smoking to quit. Second no smoking, if visiting relatives also don't let the smoke, if you want to smoke "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" and I don't agree. Third, help you quit smoking. I invented a symbol (see photo), there is a heart, if you have love don't smoke in public places. Hang it in a family door, do not speak, you come to my house to see this sign is not to smoke. I have given this sign on the twenty several ministers. Guan Chunfang: you are inspired by what?Professor Zang: this symbol is ready, I will give into the heart. But in this way no Marlboro cigarette. In 2000 I went to the United States to attend an international conference, to thirty Foreign Minister of the Ministry marlboro gold of health, I went to the book when the participants and symbols to all participating foreign ministers. Today I want the publicity to this sign out.

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