Love is like a lonely Marlboro cigarette

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Love is like a lonely Marlboro cigarette Actually, love is a very lonely thing, like a Marlboro cigarette of the fingers, but just a moment, Marlboro cigarette to, a corner is unknown.Wait a finger dianqi it, and Marlboro cigarette will go to, is the bear's ashes, as the death of the life, in passing at that moment, is still lonely. If despite appearances, the theory of nature, love and Marlboro cigarette, is basically the same, for example: both need "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" a bunch of polished sparks and sparks of love arises from the different * attraction between the scientific point of view, is the two interact with each other and have opposite magnetic moment occurred in the electromagnetic marlboro lights response, thus stimulating the secretion of hormones, eventually leading to one or two people in love.And Marlboro cigarette spark, Marlboro cigarette is has the effect that matches or lighters, belong to the scientific category, but with the chemical reaction. Also, love and Marlboro cigarette has a combustion process, the length of time depends on personal accident and idea.Smoking Marlboro cigarette is the best thing to do is slow slow absorption, vomit to savor.The best way to treat love, also let nature take its course, need not importune.We are very clear, all things have started there will always be over.Marlboro cigarette case, love, love of disillusionment as soot, dust will eventually fall, no trace.By that time, for two people, no more than is habits and feelings, and even the duties and responsibilities, but has nothing to do with the love already. The arrival of love, like to buy Marlboro cigarette, are unpredictable.When you from a street hawker stalls, or from a resplendent and carton of cigarettes magnificent mall, bought a pack of Marlboro cigarette, you don't know, which one is your love, or, whether you love.As you walk in the street, or on a warm afternoon daydream, you also don't know, would you light a Marlboro cigarette. There was no warning at all the arrival of love.In the case of no premeditation, you encounter a love, or, you lit a Marlboro cigarette. Love and Marlboro cigarettes, the same short.They are the only difference is that you can smoke Marlboro cigarettes then the other, but never a once and then enjoy love.Even if you have the science of uniting the immortal, can live one thousand lives, belong to your true love, and only once, only once, in parliament cigarettes this the only time you burn, and then die.Love, of course, will not leave the room, but Marlboro cigarette will leave you, back to its eternal loneliness of waiting, waiting for another person's another combustion. So, let love lonely Marlboro cigarette down, in a quiet corner, quietly waiting for a bunch of polished spark and at the instant of the combustion, it is like the fingers of your Marlboro cigarettes.

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