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Good Newport cigarettes Since I can remember, my father smoking Newport cigarettes, smoking Newport cigarettes is popular at that time a little curved black plastic pipe Newport cigarettes, there is a bag of Newport cigarettes. Grandpa their aging with long pipe and long bamboo trunk, is inlaid with jade suction nozzle, on the other side of a copper YanGuo, tobacco stem with a bag of Newport cigarettes, the bag is done exquisite, embroidered patterns, bag can close mouth, drop out Newport cigarettes.For grandpa got a Newport cigarette when I was a kid, my grandpa again with your thumb compaction, ignition suction, suction, feet on one side, the bowl of a pipe cracking sole, soot came out.I think they enjoy smoking, it will be bitter spicy pipe Newport cigarettes inhalation of mouth. BaoShi father is wussy farmers, the fields, the days have a bear in Pakistan, and supply our sister school, always Newport cigarettes soil.Later I don't know since when, pipe no, change to smoke Newport cigarettes paper, home of marlboro cigarettes heatable adobe sleeping platform on many wooden Newport cigarettes case and white paper, we are playing on the kang, often spilled Newport cigarettes case.Father sometimes in order to save money, but also with we finished homework paper Newport cigarettes smoke.Only guest person, father didn't allow me to buy a box of Newport cigarettes, I still remember the goldfish is 1 5 MAO a box of Newport cigarettes. On one occasion, my uncle is coming, mother asked me to buy Newport cigarettes, I bought a box of 2 hair eight points and a box of blue Newport cigarettes deer, mother love dearly, let me back into the goldfish Newport cigarettes again, that's two book money saved.At that time, I swear, when I grow up, must buy blue golden deer more Newport cigarettes, to grandpa, to my father.How many years have passed, I still clearly reporter the two brands of Newport cigarettes. After work, home for the first year, her mother bought a jacket, choose a Newport cigarette to father, I received, the city department store building Newport cigarettes so much I don't know to choose which brand is good, goldfish and blue golden deer have withdrawn from the market, in the salesman's advice, cheap cigarettes bought a pair of hongta send father.Returned home that day was dark, supper, in the gray light, take out two white hongta Newport cigarettes to his father, father happy said: "this child, buy such expensive Newport cigarettes, save one for your grandfather."In his hand left see right to see, is not willing to put down.Took out a box, and the rest is in the drawer.Chinese New Year, when the smoke in conspicuous position of the father, uncle uncle come round, father can make them smoke more Newport cigarettes taste, I bought him Newport cigarettes.The Newport cigarettes at the time of rural cadres to smoke Newport cigarettes, smoke only village cadres hongta, look for a person to also have to take hongta Newport cigarettes.The Newport cigarettes make enough face to my father, "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" on the face of light. After take. Every time I come home to my father with hongta Newport cigarettes and ask what father smoked Newport cigarettes flavor, father smilingly say: "I used to smoke a Newport cigarette, a change hongta Newport cigarettes like eat their BaBa change into white flour, incense and cotton have smooth, throat is very comfortable."I was father laugh.Father has been like hongta, how cigarettes online many years of packaging, the same taste, the price of the populist, is also the reason why smokers like Newport cigarettes.

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