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Isatis is a God in epidemic prevention medicine?Monday 8 April 2013

Chinese medicine in Jiangsu Province organized experts recently concluded that H7N9 has preventive effects of proprietary Chinese medicines, such as banlangen granule, led around all the major drug store sales growth of radix isatidis, online and even set off "Radix isatidis", CDC experts in Nanjing yesterday is that it does not advocate using banlangen prevention H7N9 virus.

The so-called "Radix isatidis" refers to Internet users have gone in "Radix isatidis" into the poem into words: "I wish a long life is the best of radix isatidis", "pours on Cheap Adidas Pro ModelTomb Sweeping Festival, national administration of radix isatidis", "ten years living and dying and fog, isatis, unforgettable."

Internet users take this mocking different epidemic outbreak in China in nearly 10 years, was treated as a universal magic drug radix isatidis, cause buying boom, or even many people as tea. 10 years ago, Shas (SARS) outbreak early people around is to go out and buy more masks, hand sanitizers and products of radix isatidis. On H7N9 avian influenza outbreak prevention and control, held a press conference yesterday, CDC physician expert in Nanjing Xie Guoxiang simply shows that do not advocate using banlangen prevention H7N9 virus. Xie Guoxiang said that isCheap Adidas Crazy Light 2 a detoxification of drugs of radix isatidis, the essence of which is used to treat the disease, rather than disease prevention.

Human infection H7N9 virus is a new virus, whether the prior administration of radix isatidis on virus prevention, have not yet been confirmed. Second affiliated hospital of Anhui Medical University respiratory physician Liu Hongyan, cautioned that the drug is three points, and drinking can increase the resistance of radix isatidis, but not blindly, and an overdose, as it will cause harm to the body: "ate too much of any kind of drugs will increase the burden of liver function, kidney function, because any drug metabolism by the liver, the kidney excretion. ”
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"Boiled red bean" Cang County, Hebei province environmental protection agency long hailed polluted water removal no.2Monday 8 April 2013

The local environmental protection Bureau Director Deng Lianjun said in an interview with CCTV: "red is not equal to the improper water ... ... If (in the water), put a small red beans, red water, cooked meal may also be red. ”

Deng Lianjun said shelling was immediately public opinion, he not only by Cheap Adidas Adizero Ghost Chinese netizens for "Secretary of adzuki bean", but also by Chinese Academy of engineering, Chinese Academy of water water resources director Wang Hao, rage "stared talking nonsense".

The villagers believed that was the only new chemical plants near the village pollutes the environment, but the company says its annual environmental testing standards. It is understood that 56 years ago, villagers to keep the departments concerned in chemical pollution problem, but has not been resolved.

"Red bean" event is raised after the public attention, and build a new Cheap Adidas Crazy Lightchemical yesterday by the head of the Cang County Branch told the news service that, pollutants, pollution caused by the company, the company will take full responsibility, science and governance by experts views radical, until the local pollution problems are properly solved.
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"Boiled red bean" Cang County, Hebei province environmental protection agency long hailed polluted water removal no1Monday 8 April 2013

Hebei Cangzhou cangxian County party Committee propaganda Department yesterday confirmed that "boiled red bean," Pao said local groundwater may not be problematic in red long Deng Lianjun County Environmental Protection Bureau have been removed from Office, the County also has started a thorough renovation plans, regional comprehensive control.

According to the China News Service reported, the local Government has hired experts in related fields make up the Group of experts, according to Cheap Adidas Crazy Lightthe water sample test results, systems management. Of polluting chemical enterprises in the region have been currently closed for renovation, and to give priority to safeguard residents safe drinking water.

Drink groundwater 700 chickens died CCTV reported last week, Cang County, small in zhuzhuang village reflected Zhu Jianyong, near his village to build a car wash, the recent use of underground water, but Cheap Adidas Crazy Light 2the water is pumped from the well exudes the smell, placed just a short iron. Culled at a farm in the village also revealed that nearly 700 chickens die after drinking groundwater.

The villagers said as early as 2002, with shallow groundwater becomes red, hit a 400-metre deep well water in the village. But many of the villagers use well water to wash clothes and bathe, barreled pure water for cooking and drinking water.
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Expert advice: banks should lower the threshold to help small businesses no.2Monday 8 April 2013

Among them, lack of proper financing is secured by small enterprises of one of the important reasons. Reuters quoted reports that banks usually require the property as security for a loan, but investigation revealed 83% of small and micro-enterprises do not have their own factories.
BA shusong believes that, toCheap Adidas Pro Model alleviate this problem, you need to find different financial institutions for small micro business orientation of enterprise services and business models.

Active development of the villages and towns on the one hand small micro-financial institutions such as banks, small loan companies, on the other hand to promote large-scale commercial bank providing services for small enterprises. Furthermore, the development of Internet banking is Cheap Adidas Crazy Light 2crucial to addressing the small micro-enterprise financing path.

BA shusong presentation network financing services can be accessed through data mining techniques, reduce business costs, real-time control platform for real business operations information, partly out of the traditional reliance on collateral credit technology.
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Expert advice: banks should lower the threshold to help small businesses no.1Monday 8 April 2013

Integrated in Boao) can't rely on China's enterprise transformation of large State-owned enterprises, must also rely on the transformation of small micro-enterprise upgrades. Therefore, the Government and the Bank should lower the threshold, the provision of support to help small enterprises in transition.

Deputy BA shusong, Director of the financial Research Institute of development research center of the State Council of China released yesterday at the Boao Forum forCheap Adidas Crazy Light Asia annual Conference 2013 the small micro-enterprise finance development reports: China made such a request when the situation and practice in Asia. According to the financial network reports, the current number of SMEs with legal qualifications in China of more than 10 million households, accounting for 99% of the total national enterprises, contributed 60% GDP,50% tax in China, created 80% job opportunities in cities and towns.

 But China survey shows that small enterprises below designated size 90% without any lending relationships with financial institutions, small micro enterprises 95% without any lending relationships with financial institutions, SME access to financial resources and create value for Cheap Adidas Crazy Light 2the community obviously does not match. The report found, is a small micro-enterprise lending to banks seeking external financing channel of choice, but big banks when lending to small enterprises are set too high a threshold.

Unable to provide sufficient security or collateral, cannot provide the appropriate financial statements, higher borrowing costs are small micro-enterprises such as frequently asked questions, if the financing from the banks.
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